How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

The Happy Life (THL) was featured in The Hartford Business Journal’s Green Guide this Winter 2013! It was such an honor for us to partner with them to share with the local community what we are doing to eat healthy while saving money >> so that others can do the same.

Many people who find out that we eat an organic whole foods lifestyle will usually question us pretty quickly with “Isn’t it expensive to be buying that type of food?” The answer is both “yes” and “no” for several reasons. It is sad that the food that is most healthy for us to be consuming can also be some of the most expensive. But, as the article briefly covers, we have found ways around the high costs of healthy food. Those ideas are what we present regularly on this blog so that our readers can also find themselves living the healthiest lifestyle possible, not just in relation to the foods they are nourished with but with their piggy-bank’s health as well! When health, finances, relationships & spirituality are sought to be balanced, holistic happy health can be achieved!

Although you will not find all your answers for eating healthy on a budget on this page, in browsing through our blog you will continue to find more resources pointing to this very same topic.

We would love to hear your secrets to eating healthy while on a budget!