How to treat Acne naturally

How does one have clear(er) skin or treat acne by reducing the intake of processed starchy foods? and how does one help to heal, balm, and soothe skin in the process?

In Dr. Norman Walker’s Book “Become Younger” he states:

As the starch molecule is not soluble in water, it travels through the blood and lymph streams as a solid molecule which the cells, tissues, and glands of the body cannot utilize. Therefore the body tries to expel it. As the eliminative organs become afflicted with an accumulation of these molecules as a lining of their walls, like a plaster on the walls of a room, the cannot be expelled

through these channels. The next best means of exit is through the pores of the skin and so we have pimples.”

Jesse Jacoby in his book “The Raw Cure” states that:

Foods that are refined of their fiber can stick to the intestines and colon, where they accumulate toxins while interfering with nutrient absorption.

Clearly, what one consumes shines forth into more than emotions, perspective, and lifestyle, but also to ones physical beauty. Taking the challenge to eating a diet comprised of primarily whole (and high inraw) fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains & seeds is key to optimum health.

After changing one’s diet (and ultimately lifelong lifestyle of eating/living), applying aloe vera gel directly from the aloe leaf itself to the skin will heal, protect, strengthen, and reduce appearance of any damage/scarring to the skin.