How to use Onions to Support Health during Illness

This last week our whole family was sick with very harsh colds. Our children were sick first and then passed it on to us. We rarely get sick, so this was a new level of growth for us. Being sick and taking care of children (sick or not) can be difficult. But, of course, we made it through the sickness and are almost back to normal.

Usually when any of us get sick we follow a few methods which normally heal us up within a couple days: 1) Drink plenty of water, 2) eat vegan & raw if possible (Smoothies & juiced fruit!), & 3) Oreganol. And although we followed those things somewhat :), it has taken us over a week to get better. We still have some sniffles but are back to normal routines.

So, in order to try to beat this cold, about 4 days into it, I decided to try something that I had heard recently could help: putting onions on the bottom of my feet covered by a wool sock overnight. Also, putting a half an onion by the bed chopped up.

I did this three days in a row. Each day I did feel MUCH better! Another thing I noticed was that a wart that I’ve had on the bottom of my right foot for the last few years was starting to getting small and go away! I have been trying different natural ways to try to get rid of that wart for a while now and this was the first thing that seemed to help.

I had looked up using onions on your feet when ill before attempting it and I found that Native Americans used the practice for their health.

I’m very excited to use another natural method in healing and restoration! Has anyone else tried this before or something similar? I’ve heard of people also using garlic.

And yes, the smell is strong but when you’re sick you don’t care too much about anything but getting better!