Essential Oils | Oils of Shakan with Roseann Dennerlein

Rosie, Founder of Oils of Shakan |

Rosie, Founder of Oils of Shakan |

From the moment you meet Roseann (Rosie), you know that there is something she’s excited about. And within a short period of time, you will learn exactly what that is: Jesus & Essential Oils! Of course, there are several things that bring joy and enthusiasm to Roseann, but Jesus, her Savior, is her primary, and essential oils follows close behind. This is undoubtedly due to her own personal experience and education in essential oils as an aromatherapist. Roseann’s approach is unique to many others, in that, she will pray for the leading of the Lord to give her guidance in what to suggest to her clients and create for her products.

This is the exciting part because the Lord is certainly the Most High Aromatherapist having designed and created oils from the beginning of time. Essential oils are so precious to Him that they were even used throughout the Bible in many different stories and periods of history. They were used to glorify Him in the Biblical Old Testament Temple (Exodus 30: 1-10 ; Leviticus 8:10-11 ; Numbers 16:36-40) and to gift His Son, Jesus, in the New Testament (Matthew 2:11)!

How amazing is it that we also get to take part in the same precious aromas that He has, and re-live the history of the Bible in our present day. God also created these oils to be a balm for mankind: this will give Him the ultimate glory as we use these oils in educating and encouraging others to use one of His gifts!

These were just some of the things we learned from Roseann at the essential oils house party we hosted at the beginning of December 2013. She came with her enthusiasm and love for Jesus & the Essential oils. She taught us some Biblical history of the significance of essential oils through an interactive game time. This was followed by a presentation of all the products she offers (most of which she puts together on her own). We had a wonderful time and learned just a little bit more about the natural and organic products available to help calm, balm, and promote health to our bodies. You will be sure to walk away from her party filled with the excitement she came with for the same experience you can have with essential oils: spiritually, physically, and emotionally!

To get more of a visual of where many essential oils come from & what they can be used click here. (Disclaimer – this information is for educational purposes only and has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Seek the help from a qualified medical professional before using essential oils for any medical conditions).

Below are some photos of the products presented at the Oils of Shakan house party followed by some testimonies of those who have had positive feedback having used her products! (Update September 2015 -- You can now view her full product line, testimonials, blog, and select products for purchase available online at!)

Air Fresheners & Frankincense (in the mason jar) in it’s resin form!


Beautiful Plug-in Oil/Wax Burner



Air Fresheners, Inhalers, Oils, Facial Masks, Soaps & Lotions!



Powerful Poem (in response to healing found in essential oils)

Precious vessel broken

Spikenard released

To be a gift of love

Three spikes release precious blood

Life is set free forever

-Katie, 11/2013

 My husband almost nightly rub each other with the Biblical Oils and the Walk in the Woods Oils we purchased from you! Thank you!

-Michelle & Derek, 12/2013

  I am using the At Night with the King balm regularly now on my face and my feet before bed.  It is very refreshing for my mind and body.

-Leslie, 12/2013

 Others have given testimony to improved>>

  • concentration in college and test scores due to the relaxation the oils give and the olfactory memory connection.
  • aid to asthma/allergy
  • sinuses opening up
  • relaxation to reduce/eliminate anxiety
  • relaxation to reduce/eliminate pain

It is amazing to see the benefits from the use of Essential Oils! Please feel free to share you own success stories with the use of essential oils, or ask further questions surrounding this topic. 

(Update  -- You can now view Rosie's full product line, testimonials, blog, and select products for purchase available online at!)