How to Support Frequent UTI's

How to Support Frequent UTI's (Urinary Tract Infections, Bladder Infections, Cystitis)

Many people, especially women, suffer regularly from Urinary Tract Infections. I used to be one of those people. The cycle of getting the infection, seeing the doctor, and taking the prescription antibiotics was a regular for me>> especially in my college years. And many times, following a UTI, I would also get a Yeast Infection. I was miserable. But, again, I did what the general public was doing around me: just seeing my doctor and taking medication as I thought that was all I could do.

Besides the usual advice of taking medication, drinking lots of water, cutting back on sugar, and drinking cranberry juice, I was lost. None of those things really kept me from getting the infections. Thus, it was beyond the treatment…I wanted to prevent UTI’s from ever coming back!

So, with prayer, the Lord placed in my path people who presented me with the tools to turn my diet around. In college (and even before that for most of my life) I had eaten a high amount of processed foods. These foods, I found, were weakening my immune system and creating an unhealthy environment for my body to thrive, find energy, fight infections, and be cognitively positive!

Therefore, my first step was completely cutting out processed and junk food. From there, I cut back on dairy and only ate raw organic cheddar cheese on occasion. Between cutting out the processed food and cutting back on the dairy, that was the foundation I needed to completely say goodbye to UTI’s. Since then, I have maintained that perspective eating minimal amounts of processed foods and high amounts of whole raw fruits and vegetables which are usually organic.

From my own experience and from numerous testimonies that you can google online, this is thelifestyle change you would need to make to create a more alkaline body that can kill infection before it grows to be nasty and painful:

Cut out the Processed and Junk Food

Processed food is low in nutritional content and high in fats, sugars, and carbs which are contributors to weight gain and an unhealthy, unhappy body, mind, soul and spirit. They cause ones spirits to spike up and dive down. They are addicting. And many of them, including flour containing gluten can be allergies for many people.

Sprouted grains vs. flour

It may be hard to transition. So, some people can tolerate and do well with sprouted grain processed foods such as Food for Life products such as sprouted Ezekiel breads or sprouted pastas. Sprouted grains are easily digestible and are better for the body than processed flour.

Eat High Amounts of Raw Fruits and Vegetables (some can be cooked)

Keep a good balance between these two. Some people think that if they eat fruit that they are okay, but truly, you will do yourself well if you are eating an equal balance or even a higher amount of green vegetables over fruits. BUT, if you are craving sugar, please grab a piece Fruit (instead of the processed treat)!

Eat closer to vegan.

Is Cheese really good for you?

Many studies show that cheese can be damaging to the immune system. If you’ve ever noticed a build up of mucus in your throat, for example, after drinking milk or eating cheese, you can understand that the body is actually responding to dairy that had been consumed and trying to fight it off.

What about meat?

Also, with meat, it can be very acidic thus putting the body’s environment in a poorer weak state. Personally, I have found that as long as I maintain a high amount of mostly raw and some cooked vegetables that when I do eat meat that my body will balance out the acidic and the alkaline, as the fruits and vegetables are mostly alkaline. Therefore, I keep my meat consumption to Organic, local (if possible) 3 times a week. I eat some beef, tuna, and salmon. (I don’t prefer chicken).

Eat Nuts, Seeds, and Gluten Free Grains

A great place to shop for nuts, seeds, and grains is in the bulk bins at your local health food store. They are high in protein and fiber.

Eat Organic and Local if and when possible

Organic foods are of higher quality and are not produced with GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms which can weaken you immune system). Supporting the local community is wonderful and you can even get to know your farmers and visit their farms!

Lower your amount of Coffee intake

Coffee is another item that is acidic and can, weaken the immune system thus putting your body in jeopardy of creating a breading ground for infection.

Primarily drink high amounts of Water

8-10 Cups at least a day

Try not to hold yourself when you have the urge to pee.

If you have to go, GO! Some studies show that not eliminating the waste (and thats exactly what it is…WASTE), can cause bladder infections and even kidney infections. (Look it up or ask a doctor).

Cranberry Juice

If you are going to drink Cranberry juice on occasion (as again, water should be your regular go-to drink always!), buy a fresh pressed concentrated organic brand. Whole Foods (a large health food store chain), for example, carries their own 365 brand of fresh pressed organic cranberry juice concentrate along with another brand that I have personally purchased on numerous occasions: Lakewood Organics. Lakewood Organics can also be found in many conventional supermarkets in the natural foods section as well, BUT I’ve been finding that conventional stores prices on the organic foods can be MORE pricy than Whole Foods.


Other suggestions I’ve had professionals tell me are taking high amounts of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) along with Sodium Bicarbonate tablets. Vitamin C helps to flush out the infection and Sodium Bicarbonate helps to reduce inflammation and strengthen the bladder. Of course, if you are eating high amount of raw fruits and vegetables, you will naturally be getting higher amounts of Vitamin C. BUT, I’ve had a Naturopathic Doctor explain to me before that sometimes we just don’t get all the nutrients we need from food and taking a vitamin supplement can be helpful. This is a debatable topic, but if you know you’re not eating enough fruits and vegetables, taking a supplement might be a good idea for the short term…but for the long term, working on creating small obtainable goals towards changing your diet is what will keep happy and healthy!