How to Pray | Faith in Prayer

Faith is foundational in prayer. If we believe there is a God that created the universe, then surely He can do more than we might be asking Him for. He can talk to us in prayer and fully direct our entire lives so we can have CONFIDENCE in everything we do!

The 700s Club interviews Todd White, who demonstrates faith in praying for others. This can also be done for yourself in listening to the Lord. Its a matter of practice because it is something that some people don’t regularly practice, and they may not believe for the supernatural. But God is a supernatural God and the more we pray, the more our faith grows deeper in believing for the supernatural. Testimonies of others, like seen through Todd White in this video, can also can build faith.

There can be much said about the topic of prayer and specifically how to pray.

Over time, more will be added here but let’s start with the foundation.

The Bible says in Mark 11:24

Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray,believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.

Thus, we must #1 Have FAITH in prayer. If we don’t believe that the Lord can or will answer prayer or even cares about us, then why would we pray? Praying just because of religious duty or because family or friends told us to do so will not keep us grounded and convinced to pray for very long.

My personal testimony in faith and prayer

I (Michelle) having grown up in a full-time Christian atmosphere in home, church, and school was surrounded by people telling me that God exists. Yes, I was in a Christian home with two dedicated, loving parents, attended a Bible believing church, and was educated K-College in Christian schools. And although, looking back, God certainly was very present in those places; I never found God until I was on my own to decide for myself.

A couple months after I had graduated from college, I was sitting in my parents living room and feeling empty and lost. I was feeling like if God really existed, I needed to know Him differently. I could not just be told that He existed. I needed to personally experience Him alive daily in my life or I wanted to move on from “religion” as I put it. I was crying and passionately told the Lord these things.

And IMMEDIATELY the Lord spoke to me. Such a loving, patient voice so clear I feel like it was not just in my head but like God was speaking to me audibly right next to me saying

Michelle, I want to challenge you: Read the Bible from the beginning to end and if you don’t know Me after you’ve finished then you can dismiss Me altogether!

Well, by that point I was already convinced He existed because He came to me when I called upon Him with a real and open heart! haha! But, I took to that challenge and for the first time I opened up the Bible and could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit coming alive within me. The Bible was and is still my charger! Yes, I have batteries that run out and need to be charged Lord! And that was a defining moment for me because I was ready to move on from God and religion, but God made Himself known and marked me for life.

I tell you all this to show the foundation that I’ve found is most crucial to prayer: FAITH!

Without faith, it will be very difficult to pray.

Prayer should bring energy and excitement, joy and peace, power and enlightenment, direction and purpose. Talking to the Lord, your Maker, should brighten your day, give you strength for tomorrow, and peace for your life. Thus, if you actually have faith that the Lord exists, that He is who He says He is in the Bible, and that He loves you so much and actually wants to hold your hand and walk through your life with you,  you have to find out WHAT you need to have faith in. This can primarily be found in the Bible and through listening to Him. Something to remember on the note of listening to the Lord: He will always say things that are in line with what the Bible says.

A book I recommend on learning to listen to God speak to you is Can You Hear Me? by Brad Jersak

Here is a video teaching from Brad on this very topic of listening to the Lord’s voice in your life.

If you believe God exists, that means ALOT.

That means your faith in talking to Him should (as the Bible portrays) be extravagant…heal the sick, cure the leapers, cast out demons and even raise the dead! (Matthew 10:8)

Prayer is more than just having faith for yourself

It’s about having faith for other people. We are not just here for ourselves. Anyone who works in community service, Christian or not, will tell you how rewarding it is to serve others. That’s because the Lord tells us to serve, and when someone (again Christian or not) follows a Biblical principle, there is a rewarding feeling that follows. (Another example of this is saving your money: the Bible teaches us to save (Matthew 25:14-30) or even tithe (Malichi 3:10), and when anyone follows these principles, they will see blessings.)

Challenge the Lord to make Himself known to you!

So what does it come down to: FAITH is needed to truly find God in prayer. If you don’t know whether He exists, I challenge you to find a quiet place and sit for at least 10 minutes. Ask Him if He exists with an open heart, and I am confident He will come to you. At that point, with no doubt that He does exist, continuing to ask Him how to have more faith and reading the Bible will point you to a powerful prayer life!

Whenever a study of the principles of prayer is made, lessons concerning faith must accompany it. Faith is the essential quality in the heart of any man who desires to communicate with God. He must believe and stretch out the hands of faith for that which he cannot see or prove. Prayer is actually faith claiming and taking hold of its natural, immeasurable inheritance. True godliness is just as important in the realm of faith as it is in the area of prayer. Moreover, when faith ceases to pray, it ceases to live. (p. 107, E.M. Bounds, On Prayer, 1997)

And remember, when you initiate prayer beyond yourself and reach out in prayer with others you will be even more blessed. (Acts 20:35)