Living the Happy Life with Mandy Adendorff

"Live a life knowing you're loved"....words from this interview with Mandy Adendorff (author, speaker, painter) on "Living the Happy Life".

Mandy Adendorff is the author of God Magnet, a speaker, and painter. To learn more about Mandy go to

Katie with Pure Paintings & Living a Happy Life

Through prayer and a God given passion, Katherine “Katie” Mary Frank has opened up her “Pure Paintings” studio to the public. Available now, Katie‘s paintings are live for public viewing and purchase. Katie‘s business is founded in listening and receiving promptings from the Lord about what to display in her artwork. Therefore, her paintings aren’t only stunning in the natural but life-changing for one to meditate upon and view in the spiritual. Thus, these paintings are not just Katie‘s creations herself, but her partnership with the One who has created her to display something “Pure”, something deep, something healing & life-giving to her audience…and because of this, her business name can be understood in it’s meaning: “Pure Paintings”.

Of course, there is much more to the her story, and to find out a little more about Katie personally and to hear her talk about her business & her paintings, feel free to view this THL’s T(testimony)-Time videos below and be blessed!

For more information about Pure Paintings, you can follow/message her on Facebook here.

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3 of 3 - Living the “Happy Life” (according to Katie) & Pure Paintings Testimony