Living the Happy Life with Derek & Michelle Guibert

The Happy Life means..."Always looking forward, always being excited & enthusiastic about whats right around the corner. I used to think having all the answers and knowing what was next is what mattered, and now I almost feel the opposite - it's being excited for what God has in store…" and "seeing the testimony of God at work in my life" ... Derek & Michelle Guibert, founders of The Happy Life, share their story in this "Living the Happy Life" interview.

Living the Happy Life with Mandy Adendorff

"Live a life knowing you're loved"....words from this interview with Mandy Adendorff (author, speaker, painter) on "Living the Happy Life".

Mandy Adendorff is the author of God Magnet, a speaker, and painter. To learn more about Mandy go to

Katie with Pure Paintings & Living a Happy Life

"Painting, praying, and blessing others"... Katie Frank, founder of Pure Paintings, shares her journey in this series of "Living the Happy Life" interviews.

For more information about Pure Paintings, you can follow/message her on Facebook here.

1 of 3 - Raw Foods, Lifestyle Change & Faith Healing Testimony 

2 of 3 Biblical Dating Relationship Testimony

3 of 3 - Living the “Happy Life” (according to Katie) & Pure Paintings Testimony